The Iron Rail is an anarchist bookstore, lending library, record shop, alternative and local media outlet, and resource for radical organizing. The space is coordinated and maintained by volunteers working in a collective and non-hierarchal environment.

Iron Rail – Call it a Roadshow! Call it a Pop-Up!

Iron Rail – Call it a Roadshow! Call it a Pop-Up!

Attention! The Iron Rail will be vending radical books and sundries at Gasa Gasa on Wednesday and Friday, January 28th and 30th, from noon until 6pm. So there!

Gasa Gasa is located at 4920 Freret Street in New Orleans.

Sisters in Christ is located at 4920 Freret Street in New Orleans, too. So there!


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Iron Rail @ O.C.H. Art Market -Saturday, 3/8

Iron Rail @ O.C.H. Art Market -Saturday, 3/8

The Iron Rail will be tabling at the O.C.H. Art Market this Saturday. Stop by and grab some books and zines and ephemera, why don’t you? Need coffee? Church Alley Coffee Shop will be there selling coffee.

The event takes place at 1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., New Orleans. We will be there from 10am – 3pm.

wellness market logo

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Lupercalia: The Werewolf Ball – Thursday, February 13

Lupercalia: The Werewolf Ball – Thursday, February 13

Of interest to friends of the Iron Rail:

Come out this Thursday the 13th to this building in the CBD where the Loup Garou werewolf crew will be holding their 4th annual masked ball. However costumes are not strictly necessary, & in fact the reason I’m sending this e-mail is that the lycanthropes of Loup Garou have generously agreed to split the proceeds of their party with a new quarterly print publication, The Ark of New Orleans.

Named after the former 511 Marigny, The Ark’s still-evolving mission (in a highly subjective nutshell) is to carry on the work of our city’s many anti-establishment publications from previous decades (The NOLA Express, The Outsider, The Word et al.) and host a deliberately intergenerational conversation about our city’s past and future, and to smash down those seeking any future that would exclude the poor and fucked-up. Plus an environmental angle. Plus more. The Ark will be beautiful and full of poetry, art, original sheet music by local musicians– it’s very worth supporting, I promise!

The Ball will be lovely in its own right and is in a fun space. Enjoy the fusty ol’ CBD before it’s all loft apartments… Here is the “Facebook Invite” and the flyer with gorgeous art by Happy (who is also one of the people involved in The Ark)!


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All of the records are currently living at my house. I took this break time to update the online list. I already knocked out all the LPs. Other formats to come over the next couple of weeks.

Suck My Distro (E) Lick My Clitstro // “Vinyl is my sexuality”

Newest stuff you wouldn’t have seen at the shop:

  • No – Great Space LP (UK weirdo hardcore)
  • Creem – Collection LP (collects the full length and the two 7″s)
  • Pity Sex – Dark World LP (excellent EP before Feast of Love)
  • Khanate – Capture & Release LP (very heavy)
  • Nausea – Condemned to the System LP (grindcore)
  • Man is the Bastard / Bizarre Uproar – split 10″ (grind/noise)
  • Defend Hamilton: Eat Shit 7″ (great Canadian hc/punk compilation)

Maybe I’ll have people over soon for brunch and record browsing. KYEO.


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Iron Rail Closing Party / Potluck – Friday 1/31/2014

Iron Rail Closing Party / Potluck – Friday 1/31/2014

When: 7:00pm – Friday, January 31, 2014

Where: 503 Barracks St., New Orleans
What: Closing party and potluck event
Why: The Iron Rail is moving to a new location in the very near future. On Friday evening, after the party is over, we will be closing the doors for good at the 503 Barracks location . . . stop by and say hello before we say goodbye . . . 
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End of an Era

End of an Era

Happening NOW! Today! 1/30/14! Everything Must Go! Head on down to the Rail today for our last regular business day at 503 Barracks! Noon – 6pm . . .

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The Morality of Capitalism.

The Morality of Capitalism.

Some may be interested in this debate tonight at UNO. It’s rumored that the “Professor of Free Enterprise” will defend the thesis that capitalism is “very” moral, while the “Bank One Professor” will argue that it’s “extremely” moral. However, you’ll have to find out for yourselves if this is accurate, and if the speakers’ names are indeed “Hobbs” and “Payne.” Here’s the announcement:

“Tonight, Thursday, January 23, the Tocqueville Project at UNO will host a panel discussion on morality and capitalism. Joining us as panelists will be Bradley Hobbs, BB&T Professor of Free Enterprise and Professor of Economics at Florida Gulf Coast University, and James Payne, Bank One Professor in Business and Provost at the University of New Orleans. The panel discussion will take place at 6:00pm in room 236 of the Liberal Arts Building. Free parking is available in the lot adjacent to the Liberal Arts Building.”

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Reality is a cult.

Reality is a cult.


Just got a handful of great records from Nathalie from Rat Storm’s excellent hardcore label Reality is a Cult, including the wonderfully queer and abrasively harsh Closet Burner LP…

  • Closet Burner LP
  • We Must Dismantle All – Decathect LP
  • Rat Storm – Fractured 7″
  • Rat Storm / Chaotic Neutral split 7″
  • Cheap Art – Desocialized 7″ (playing with MYSTIC INANE on Feb 4th!)
  • Falter – Descent 7″
  • Falter demo tape
  • Occultonomy tape
  • Chud tape

You can check out all this stuff and more on the label’s bandcamp.


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Moving Sale! Everything Must Go!

Moving Sale! Everything Must Go!

On January 31st the Iron Rail will be closing its doors for good at the 503 Barracks Street location. We are currently searching for a new home here in the Crescent City. Help us raise funds and save some dough, too. Everything in the shop (except records and tapes) is on sale. Take 10% off and help us clear the shelves before we pack everything up at the end of the month . . .

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Anarchists Against the Wall.

Anarchists Against the Wall.

“Our speakers Monday at Loyola are from Anarchists Against the Wall. A description of the group is attached below.  Please spread the word to anyone who would be interested not only in their critique of the occupation but also in their connection with this groupy.”

The Soldier and the Refusenik: Two Israelis. Two Choices. One Conclusion. Israeli activists speak about the Israeli Occupation.

Monday, January 13. 7:30 PM. Miller Hall 114, Loyola University.

Anarchists Against the Wall is an Israeli direct action group established in 2003 to resist the Annexation Wall being built by Israel on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank. They support Palestinian civilian resistance to massive confiscation of land and denial of freedom of movement caused by construction of the Wall. AAtW activists have joined thousands of demonstrations against the Israeli Occupation in dozens of villages throughout the West Bank and have worked to raise awareness within Israel. Under the banner of AAtW actions are made that are diametrically opposed, not only to the occupation, but also to its root causes; to the personal perspectives and political systems within Israel that sustain it, military and civilian. AAtW deconstructs the ideological frameworks that sustain the occupation and uses direct action as its central methodology. AAtW cooperates with local popular committees established in villages resisting the wall. These are autonomous non-partisan committees that initiate and coordinate the demonstrations.

Direct action and joint struggle are at the heart of AAtW. The group’s inception can be traced back to the fusion of parallel undercurrents in Palestine and Israel during the al Aqsa Intifada, the second Palestinian uprising. In Israel, the failure of the Oslo Accords led many to permanently let go of the coattails of the Zionist left. Meanwhile, in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the second Intifada contained widespread instances of popular struggle and civilian resistance, such as direct actions, protests and demonstrations, independent information and media efforts, youth projects, boycott campaigns, and civil disobedience, usually led by local popular committees. Marginalized by IDF violence and increasing Palestinian Authority hierarchical centralization, these efforts nevertheless managed to put down roots, and eventually bear fruit.

AAtW was a product of those two undercurrents coming together in 2003, one year after Israel began construction of the Wall, at a protest camp formed by Palestinian, Israeli and international activists in the village of Mas’ha. This camp became a focal point for a new form of struggle: joint, civilian, directly democratic and community based.  Although consisting of few Israeli activists, AAtW took part in this new development intensively, alongside an ever widening number of Palestinian villages whose livelihoods were threatened by the wall: from Mas’ha to Budrus to stand up to injustice. AAtW will continue its struggle to construct a more just reality and to build real bridges of peace.

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