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…and the indicator points towards the Iron Rail.

Here are some month-of-March Popular Music Concerts that it might behoove the Rail to table.

To learn more about any of these shows and other local events I recommend visiting If you’d like to table something not on this list… anything from an opera to lunch hour at an institution of higher learning… that’d be cool too. For more info on tabling, you can contact long-suffering abuse-magnet Bryan at the e-mail address: flyerstorm at yahoo dot com.

Motorized transport is probably the name of the game for some of these shows, but ‘zines tote easily in a messenger bag or backpack, and if you have two people, biking a couple big pack-loads of stuff to and from the Dragons’ Den is not at all a big deal.

Help us out, make friends, seem like someone who’s part of something. Please help. Heaven knows, we need the $ $ $ .

Wednesday, March 11th
Eearth Fiirst! benefit @ Candle Factory

Thursday, March 12th
Big Blue Marble @ Dragon’s Den
Mars @ Saturn Bar
Dark, Dark, Dark @ Sidearm

Friday, March 13th
instrumental fest @ Big Top
one man band fest @ Saturn Bar

Saturday, March 14th
In Tomorrow’s Shadow @ The Bar
instrumental fest @ Big Top
Turboslut @ Hillary’s house

Sunday, March 15th
King Khan @ One Eyed Jacks
One Man Machine @ Saturn Bar
Enormous Poets: Open mic & poetry slam @ Dragon’s Den

Monday, March 16th
Hurray for the Riff Raff @ Tulane (Dixon Hall)
Peelander-Z @ One Eyed Jacks
So So Glos @ Zeitgeist

Tuesday, March 17th
White Colla Crimes @ Dragon’s Den
Mi Ami @ 615 Gallier

Wednesday, March 18th
The Death Set @ Saturn Bar

Friday March 20th
The Weakends @ Saturn Bar

Saturday March 21st
Alternative Media Expo @ CAC
Dangerous Ponies @ Hillary’s house

Sunday March 22nd
Des Ark @ Ducbo (matinee)
Kylesa @ Candle Factory
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb @ Saturn Bar

Monday March 23
Pygmy Lush @ 2608 Magazine
The Queers @ Dragon’s Den

Tuesday, March 24th
Masshysteri @ Nowe Miasto
Frank Gratkowski @ Blue Nile
Truth Universal @ Dragon’s Den
Cling to the Trees of a Forest Fire

Friday, March 27th
Orchard of the Living @ Circle Bar
The White Bitch @ Dragon’s Den

Saturday, March 28th
Angry Banana @ High Ground
Mynameisjohnmichael @ One Eyed Jacks

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