PROTEST! New time! Keep the heat on wage-stealing TONY MORAN'S ! Time to escalate!

PROTEST! New time! Keep the heat on wage-stealing TONY MORAN'S ! Time to escalate!

October 27, 2009 3:57 pm 3 comments


Meet up Thursday, October 29th at/outside Tira Misu 55, a bar at 123 Carondelet, at seven thirty P.M. to organize and plan. From there, we’ll march over to the location of the protest: TONY MORAN’S “Italian” restaurant on Bourbon st. near the corner of Bourbon & Conti.

workers picket Tony Moran's on Bourbon St., New Orleans

Tony Moran’s management have been demanding workers do hours of prep while off the clock, have CONSISTENTLY STOLEN TIPS, and have withheld, bounced, and fiddled paychecks, often hiring people for catering jobs and then just refusing to pay them.

This behavior will continue– more hard-working restaurant employees will be fucked over– unless we send them a strong message that this behavior is unacceptable!

New Orleans restaurant workers are NOT interchangeable or disposable. All employees deserve fair pay, honest treatment, and dignity– NOT bullying, discrimination and theft.

Jobert Salem, thief and liar. Attendees of the last protest got a chance to meet arch-villain Jobert Salem, the owner of (among other things) Tony Moran’s and a world-class charmer : he was out there slapping at cameras, attempting to bully and shove protesters, press and passers-by, cussing, threatening, calling the cops, dancing with rage like a tantrum-throwing sweater-wearing child.

Have you or anyone you know had an abusive, bullying boss? Have you been underpaid or maltreated by your employer? This is a chance to stand in solidarity with others, united and strong, and say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We must send an unmistakeable message to Jobert and bosses like him: Treat your workers fairly.

This protest is being organized by ROC-NOLA, Restaurant Opportunities Center of New Orleans on behalf of its members who’ve been cheated and robbed by Tony Moran’s.

All of us must KEEP THE PRESSURE ON this restaurant until management agrees to sit down and negotiate. It is vital that all New Orleanians concerned with social justice join in this effort. Last week, ROC’s initial protest, went well, but let’s bump the turnout up and let Jobert Salem and fat cats like him know the era of screwing over workers has ENDED.

Our city is overdue for some social justice victory… let’s take a stand for our fellow restaurant workers! Please join in this important action, please invite friends and associates, please help spread publicity, and together, we’ll stand strong against worker exploitation!

Thanks… and we’ll see ya on the picket line!!!


  • D-Bloc

    This blog entry is already the #1 search result for "Jobert Salem" as well as most variations (e.g. Salem Jobert).

    Witness the power of search engine optimization, folks… now, anyone interested in this LYING, THIEVING, ABUSIVE, BULLYING SCUMBAG Jobert Salem will get the facts right up front…

  • kenan

    this is a big fat lie because this in the picture is not jobert salem because i know my uncle very well this is not jobert salem this is one of his managers that has been doing this and once my uncle knew he fired him so stop saying this shit about him because he has nothing to do with it

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